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Bollywood actresses who played prostitutes

bollywood actresses who played prostitutes

One quick scene of a mature duo escorts london serving girl being whipped.
Many marks appear (probably chocolate since this is a black -and-white film).
Still a good scene nonetheless.Almost forgot, has another scene where a girl gets a couple of whacks with a stick across her clothed behind.I mention those because they are the only good scenes in the film.They threaten her with punishment, but she does not give in (thanks, screenwriter!).Pretty Baby - Brooke Shields is a child prostitute.Her arms are taut and she appears to be in pain.Libertine, The (La Matriarca) 2 brief scenes.She's then given 5 lashes to her back.Anyways, things don't end well for.Bloody Judge, The (1972) R Set in the 17th Century, a woman accused of witchcraft is tortured by Howard Vernon. .Frank and I - A girl is caned by a man that thinks she is a boy (did you get that).He orders two other men to tie her to a tree, strip her to the waist, and whip her on the back with riding whips.There are too many to mention, but these are the ones that merit inclusion into this database.
The doorbell rings and while he is away one of the sisters is able to slip her wrists from the straps and free the other two.
There's lots of shots of blood running down her arms and into vat filled with more blood down below her.

In the first scene, five girls are being punished because a sharp object was found in their cell (probably planted).This extremely patriarchal sequence is recreated in the movie with some care.Good scenes, but what a brutal film this.Tucked away behind their building is the Hussaini Imambarah, a Muslim shrine.Starlet - An actress is put in stocks and whipped on the set of a movie.Later in another scene we see the man of the house whipping the maid just before 2 guys come to her resue.(Lescan) Olga's Girls - All of the Olga movies have whippings, but they are all pretty lackluster except for a pretty good scene where.Her tunic is torn off from the waist up, but hair strategically covers her breasts. .On two occasions, the evil brother either poisons or gases the woman (played by Erna Schurer) and takes her to a torture chamber to be put on the rack.
Excessive Torture in a Female Prison Camp - has a brief scene where a woman is whipped while pushing a mine cart.
I don't think it touches her.


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