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How to find a prostitute in canada

Please take a look.
Iamcuriousblue ( talk ) 17:06, (UTC) I have had another look at the photo in question, the men's faces are NOT blurred, they are easily recognisable in a fairly high quality photo.Fiction has no firm allegiance to reality it's not a reliable source, so to speak.Under current French laws, it is legal to seek or offer money for sexual services as long as it is done without advertising.BUT what I have wriiten is important and relevant as ultimately the legal issues (and sociological ones) are at the core of the article so the 2 or 3 sentence summary of the issues should go somewhere else in the article then.The same may not be true for an American overseas.I don't like removing ALL refference to Child Sex Tourism in the intro, and for me the intro you created it TOO brief with too many citations- 5 citations for 2 sentences!Am I missing something?
PatGallacher ( talk ) 18:36, (UTC) You must be looking at a different photo, the men's faces are completely unrecognizable smudges at any level of zoom.

I think the UK does as well.What do you think?Even if they have been approached by prostitutes, that does not make then sex tourists (I have been approached by prostitutes myself in Thailand, and have most certainly never been a sex tourist).That is my response."or who seek to satisy their pedophilic fantasies" etc.edgarde 18:47, (UTC).P.S.Edit a Preceding unsigned comment added by ( talk ) 08:12, 1 February 2011 prostitution in boston massachusetts (UTC) In Nevada, a woman who attempts self-employment as an "independent escort" and accepts sex for money is still hunted as a criminal, same as the other 49 states.23:56, (UTC) Personally, I found the sentence informative.(Just to forewarn you) the alternative of not putting anything (of the suggestions here) into the article at all is an option with which I would be most unhappy edgarde.
Again these articles are for information purposes only.
Regards, Mattjs 17:09, (UTC) Thanks for the tip.

Briann3232 15:44, (UTC) What would be more useful would be documentation of what "the problems caused by sex tourism" actually are.


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