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Imperial escort carrier

imperial escort carrier

The second is with a hot-drop list, and Ill cover that below.
The first is a contingency, where you want to maintain your squadron use is prostitution legal in reno nv but something blocks you from this.
Thats what I got for the Quasar for now.They could be all VTs to cause mayhem, all Firesprays to give your enemy a headache, or anything you want.Anti-Aircraft Gun battery/i QF-II / Agent Kallus / Flight Controllers / Ruthless Strategists (74 points) This configuration leans on the red AA dice.Not the case here, youll start burning precious defense tokens and soon have nothing to protect you.And as Ive been saying, the QF does not like to get shot.More like than not, the Quasar is going to hurt from massive sources of damage entering range (like the unreleased Cymoon, ARQs, a rampaging Liberty) than exchanging fair fire.The best protection for the Quasar is, in my estimation, distance.This is the build where the entire point of the Quasar Fire is to kind of do what Sato did with the rebel captured escort lystrup one in Rebels: Run into something and do something.Let me cover a few archetypes.You can also attempt having a bigger threat to draw the enemys attention (like Devestator, Demolisher) that the opponent cannot ignore, allowing the QF to command fighters safely while your opponent shoots up the more dangerous (and probably more resilient) threat.Yularen can be exhausted in place of your fighter token, Expanded hangars gives you fighter 5, and boosted comms gives you the distance for your fighters to be useful.It depends on what you want to do with your carrier, and how many points you want to invest.However, in every other respect this ship will suffer.
Empire already has superiority in fighter destruction, adding Flight controllers allows you to kill fighters even much faster.

If you're gonna take one out in battle, use heavy rockets.Its not a tremendously blue escort cosworth exciting resource for Imperial players to consider, but in the very least if you wanted to take nothing but fighters and not spend so much into an expensive VSD, the QF is an option.I dont mean to say Stronghold is necessarily a bad title- Swarm squadrons need any boost they can get to be relevant, and Strongholds effect is a good thing.Source, an, imperial escort carrier was a starship used by the, galactic Empire.Engineering 2 is one of the reasons I keep harping on this analogy of a detached hangar deck flying through space, because you wont be able to fix anything that breaks on this ship.Since its release I havent pressed the Escort carrier to the table much, but I have taken it once and Ive flown against it a few times.Being used exclusively by Imperial Special Forces, the Escort Carrier is a agile ship, but lightly armed with 2 heavy turbolasers, 2 regular turbolasers, and 2 laser cannons.
Take your squadrons, put them by this thing, attack stuff.
Now that Rhymer has been cut off at the knees to range 1, maybe Stronghold might have more of a use.


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