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Legalizing prostitution increase human trafficking

legalizing prostitution increase human trafficking

By, june 13, 2013 11:01 AM, politics, one of the advertised advantages of legalizing prostitution springfield il prostitution sting is that it should reduce illegal human trafficking.
The reality is just the opposite.Hughes has noted, evidence seems to show that legalized sex industries actually result in increased trafficking to meet the demand for women to be used in the legal sex industries.This is not only economically intuitive, but also apparent to anyone open-minded enough to look at the evidence.Now Amnesty International lobbies governments around the world to decriminalize both prostitution and its solicitation.As Hughes writes in the Journal of International Affairs, The transnational trade in women is based on supply and demand from sending and receiving countries.The argument that legalizing prostitution makes it safer for women just hasnt been borne out in countries implementing full legalization.Most victims of international human trafficking are women and girls coerced into the sex industry abroad, said Professor Neumayer.Supporters of prostitution might claim that because it is illegal, few women are willing to enter the market for sex work.One theory is that legalized prostitution reduces demand because legally residing prostitutes are favoured over trafficked ones after legalization, Professor Neumayer wrote.The legislation virtually wiped out prostitution and sex trafficking in Sweden.The researchers considered two opposing economic theories that could come into play to support their findings: the scale effect where legalized prostitution leads to an expansion of the prostitution market, thus increasing human trafficking, and the substitution effect that reduces demand for trafficked women.
Countries with large sex industries create the demand and are the receiving countries, while countries where traffickers easily recruit women are the sending countries.

Prostitution is disgusting, degrading, and corrosive to the soul.The study, titled Does legalized prostitution increase human trafficking?Like many legalization advocates, Amnesty International believes that prostitution itself is a victimless crime and that by bringing the vice out of the shadows it will lessen the risk of abuse and violations they face.Criminalizing women and girls in commercial sex - who are overwhelmingly victims of violence - is not the solution, but neither is legalization.The unemployed woman, a qualified information technologist, had indicated her willingness to take jobs outside her field and had worked in a café.Supply and Demand of, prostitution, to gain a better understanding of the connection, lets start by considering the question, Why does sex trafficking even exist?Melissa Farley adds that wherever prostitution is legalized, trafficking to sex industry marketplaces in that region increases.The supply side of prostitution has never been able to meet the demand for a rather obvious reason: few women want to sell their bodies to strangers.Some men who would otherwise be interested in paying for sex are unwilling to pay the additional coststhe risk of being arrested and exposed as a john.Will be published escorts near worcester in the January 2013 edition of the journal World Development.


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