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His casual way of dress caught her off guard, clad in russia prostitution site a pair of bright orange athletic pants and a black tank top, feet geared mature escort norwich into black sneakers with neon orange laces.
"Soooo disappointed in you!That guy's ass is pretty d holy cow that guy is seriously blue.' Sakura mused shaking her head as she attempted not to stare.I'd like to see." Kisame chortled, waving a hand at Itachi dismissively."Having sex?" he offered without shame."Among other things" "Ino, please tell me this place isn't what I think." Sakura begged, hands digging into her hair.Kisame, being the ever helpful fellow that he was, dropped a purple umbrella into the drink.I was the first one to say I liked your forehead."That guyhe never thinks before he acts." He swiftly turned and bowed, towards the remaining women." She yelped, clutching her abused left side."Ino, we can't go to a place like this!" "You took us to Akatsuki." Tenten whispered.Never heard." Ino laughed.
In her lap, a bright red clutch rested, big enough to hold her cellphone and a few other necessities but not much else.

Itachi had returned to his position behind the bar by now, followed by the strange blue guy he'd been talking.Having money to burn and then some certainly led to interesting situations.'This guywhat is he, a sadist or a masochist?!' Either way it was completely disturbing watching him have what seemed like a near orgasm from being kneed in the nuts.It was true that Sasuke had never been perfect by any means, he was cold, distant, and arrogant, but Sakura had seemed content with him and that had been enough for her to accept and even root for them."A little, but I've been groped worse before." Sakura shrugged, amusement gleaming in her eyes."You do this sort of thing every year!" "What sort of thing?" Ino batted her sparkly eyes in the face of her companions all around deadpan expressions."Nice moves by the way." "Thanks." Sakura stated dryly, busying herself with pulling on the skirt of her dress nervously.

"And you can bet that it's true.
They chose who they served, and refuted those they didn't like with impudence- regardless of said persons position or wealth.
Maybe it was the regal slope of his nose, or the shape of his jaw.


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