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What does prostitute mean in gujarati

what does prostitute mean in gujarati

X-.5) - nls: fix R2 printout - dummify function: accept a second argument (see the help for details) - ordered probit/logit: fix bug with displaying these models in the GUI model window Version.7.8 Back to top - Add a language-switching option to the gretl.
add "t" facility to genr (can say,.g., "genr dum t 1979.4" for quarterly data, local escort classifieds without previously generating t).
Activate the "Add observation" feature in ssheet; add a similar "Insert Observation" option.
Version.3.0 Back to top - add "append" command, to append data to the current dataset, as in the gui File/Append data - add kpss stationarity test kpss" command, Jack Lucchetti) - fix bug: data importers were accepting duplicate names for variables - XLS importer.New behavior of frequency distribution, plus new commands: "discrete" (interpret variables as discrete "dummify" (create a set of dummies coding for the values of a discrete variable and "xtab" (cross-tabulation of two discrete variables) - Don't add an extra newline at the end of plain.GED distributions - GUI script editor: add Cut and Redo toolbar buttons, and also a Stop button to interrupt script execution; improve handling of Tab and Enter - GUI session Notes: add option to pop up the notes on opening a session file - build.Back to top - change *nix library name to libgretl-1.0 - improve sizing of some windows - incorporate new translations - update appearance of gtk-1.2 version of gui - fix the stats available in connection with a LAD model - open the champagne (hope this.Back to top - improve accuracy of calculation of standard errors, and numerical accuracy on MS Windows in general - make gretl databases installable in user directory as well as system database directory - make console output scroll to cursor in gtk2 version - fix.Gnuplot.8) - Graphs: add option of removing the top and right border lines, if the graph does not have a "y2" axis - minor fixes to the build process - updates to gtk-1.2 GUI (make more consistent with the gtk-2.0 version) - Allow for.In script windows - Fix bug in Hausman test after tsls: ensure the sample size is consistent - Fix integer overflow bug in Breusch-Pagan poolability test - Graphing via gnuplot: require version.2.0 Version.8.7 Back to top - GUI enhancement: add apparatus to help."genr.6*y(-1) u which in effect makes the "sim" command redundant - Make principal components analysis available via the GUI - Improve formatting of descriptive statistics output when only one variable is selected - Allow adding of "influence" values (calculated by the "leverage" test).Fix pvalue in command-line client so that it does not act interactively when supplied with all params on the command line.Show missing values as missing) - Fix bug in editing of varnames and labels (could get onto the wrong line in some cases) - Fix gretl's startup routine for Gnu R so that it never over- writes the file.Rprofile - Enhancements to Excel importer plugin.Exe with new zlib dll - fixes to graph editing (this got broken by NLS changes) Version.997 Back to top - increment library version.0.1 - NLS fixes: disable "foreign" LC_numeric for the present; gnuplot graphs should work now; some missing translations are.VARs: (re-)enable HAC standard errors via a new option, -robust-hac - "var" command with -lagselect option: make the table of information criteria available as test - "omit" command: add a -test-only option to prevent the reduced model from being saved as "last model".

hccm command: ensure that the F-stat shown for the model is based on the robust covariance matrix; also ensure the robust F-stat is used when robust standard errors are selected with the ols command - add start-up option to dump gretl configuration.dbnomics: some refinements to handle problematic cases as well as some new functionality - Internal representation of missing values: switch to using NaN - Matrix "division handle the rank-deficient case properly - "install" command: replace with new "pkg" command (but the old form still.Version.9.7, version.9.6, version.9.5, version.9.4.CSV) - "restrict" command for single equations: add a printout of the restricted coefficient estimates and standard errors - Add mechanism for packaging user-defined functions so as to make these available for other users; also add a mechanism for downloading such packages from a server.The state of the Save icon responds appropriately) - "dummify" command: add options -drop-first and -drop-last; make -drop-first the default when the dummify construct is used in a regression list - Add ordered probit analysis for the case where the dependent variable is discrete but.Version.7.1, version.7.0, version.6.5 Version.6.4 Version.6.3 Version.6.2 Version.6.1 Version.6.0 Version.5.1 Version.5.0 Version.4.1 Version.4.0 Version.3.3 Version.3.2 Version.3.1 Version.3.0 Version.2.9 Version.2.7 Version.2.6 Version.2.5 Version.2.4 Version.2.3 Version.arima: fix some "corner case" bugs and extend the options that can be controlled via the GUI - Add hyperbolic functions, asinh and friends - heckit: use analytical score, and use hyperbolic transformation in estimating rho - Fix bug: a native gdt file made.Version.999 Back to top - add support for gtk.0 and gnome.0 - enhanced gui with gtk.0 - add "make check" target to test against the nist reference data files for numerical accuracy - improve support for building on win32 - bug.Pdf - support "genr varnameobs." for setting individual observations in a series - Text/CSV data importer: handle calendar dates for non-daily data; handle description appended after the data - add "vif" command to calculate Variance Inflation Factors for independent variables in a regression; also available.For boxplots) - add support for Latin 2 characters in gnuplot graphs - add support for compacting daily data to weekly or monthly - add support for daily data with a 6-day week - fix for SUR systems with differing numbers of regressors across equations.Version.2i Back to top - improve consistency in GUI.r.t.
Weibull) - New command: "negbin for estimation of count data models using the Negative Binomial distribution - poisson regression: add overdispersion test and also -robust option to get a QML covariance matrix - New command modifier, "catch" to catch errors and permit continuation of script.

Adding variables or observations - Ensure that the listing of variables in the main window is updated after running a script - Add facility to exclude named observations with smpl command (e.g.
Add facility to edit the full data header (.hdr) file in gretl (under Data menu).
Fix bug in numbering of auto-generated lagged variables - Fix bug in parsing of gnuplot.


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