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Where is male prostitution legal in the world

He would kidnap, then sexually assault his victim.
Peter Clelland, England A prostitute's life is difficult enough as it is Simon Keiler, UK A prostitute's life is difficult enough as.
"Only 2 people are involved".
Alex Stanway, England Legalising and backpage indy escorts thus controlling prostitution, raises revenue, enables health safety issues, breaks (or weakens) drug links, makes the trade more transparent, fixes rates, cleans up the act, and significantly reduces the risk of young people being violently abused, or imprisoned.But how on earth will they be taxed!With my wife they'll owe me money at the end of the year.Next they will want to legalise drugs so they can make a profit rather than the dealers.This is not a moral issue, since consent is given by both parties; it is not an economic issue, though there may be taxable advantages for the Government; it's about treating people decently as humans.Toby, UK From pole dancing to modelling, all other professions using the body are legal - so why shouldn't prostitution be?Setting up a national network of refuge centres for the above, and creating a powerful and all-embracing educational programme.I agree with Zoe.The oldest profession in the world is never going to go away, so why criminalise it?3, realize that serial killing itself goes back to the first historical recordings.13 Between the years of 19, there were a total of 4,743 serial killings internationally, where the killers were caught and identified.It can be anything from a piece of jewelry to a body part of their victim.What is not legal is publicly soliciting sexual services.

Some sort of regulation would not only raise some money but would offer some protection to the women involved.Interesting job for someone out there.Prostitution is consenting sex for money, whereas I am sure that most people do not consent to be murdered or burgled!Similarly, a trophy is an object that the killer picks up, typically to add to a shrine or collection of tokens from their past crimes.Our jails would not be constantly filled with prostitutes and pimps, hence less tax dollars we the people would have to spend to get them and hold them in prison.It's legal to sell tobacco in shops for example, but that doesn't stop a thriving black market in cigarettes Rob,.K.Peter Stanbury, UK Its sad to see that most of the comments on this issue are from men and that most suggest legalising a behaviour that degrades women and encourages the sexual objectification of women that is so common everywhere else in society today.Katie, UK Our Government prostitutes itself to big business so why can't we prostitute ourselves to big business men?She ended up pawning some of these items, which is how she was eventually caught.
Affairs of contract between two consenting adults are of nobody else's concern.
An infamous example of the power and control killer is Ted Bundy.

Instead of taxing it, we should be doing something about the phenomenon of prostitution itself!


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